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About Steinberg's Furniture

Steinberg’s Furniture is the Illinois Valley’s oldest family-owned furniture store.  Steinberg’s was founded in 1888 by our great grandfather, I.L. Steinberg.  After immigrating to America from Lithuania, he peddled merchandise in New York, and then Chicago.  While working in Chicago, a friend told him of the developing coal mines in and around Spring Valley.  He first peddled merchandise door to door with a horse and wagon in Spring Valley, and many of the area's other towns.  In 1888, I.L. Steinberg was able to open his own store on Dakota Street in Spring Valley.

The store later moved to 203 East St.Paul Street in downtown Spring Valley.  I.L. Steinberg was joined in the business by his two sons, Maurice and Harry.  Originally a dry goods store, the business added furniture and home furnishings, and later appliances and floor covering.  Maurice and Harry continued to run the business until the mid 1960’s, when it passed on to their sons Charlie and Mickey.  As the furniture division of the business continued to grow, the clothing, appliances, and floor covering were eliminated, and the store’s name was changed to Steinberg’s Furniture.  The store remained in downtown Spring Valley until 1976, when it was destroyed in a massive fire.  

We then moved to our current location, the former Skater’s Junction roller rink on Route 6 at the west edge of Peru. To meet the growing needs of our customers, a new addition in 2002 nearly doubled our size, and our showroom now contains 30,000 square feet of furniture.  Following Mickey's death in 2005 and Charlies's retirement, the store is now operated by 4th generation family member Bruce Steinberg and his sister Leslie Ruda.  Stop in soon and experience the personalized touch that has been our store’s foundation for 123 years.  

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